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Assign new or old leads to other reps

An admin can easily manage its sales team in noCRM and change the owner of any existing lead by clicking on the menu Actions > Assign to or in the Compact view by clicking on the small picture of the lead owner.

Unassigned leads can be found by clicking in the corresponding left bar menu. By default everybody can assign unassigned leads to anybody, unless an admin changes that setting in ADMIN > Admin Panel > Roles and privacy settings > Lead and prospecting list assignment > Only admins can assign unassigned leads.

If you have activated the teams feature (Dream Team Edition only!) you can assign an unassigned lead to a team. The team manager will then have the ability to assign the lead to one of its sales reps.

As an admin, from the Admin panel > Account settings > Roles and privacy settings > Lead and prospecting list assignment, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and authorize or not non-admins to reassign items (leads, prospecting lists, posts sales tasks) in noCRM.

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