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Compact mode: bulk actions & a lot more!

The compact mode is one of the 3 different views that no offers to manage your leads. Thanks to the compact mode, you'll be able to have your leads listed in an Excel-like view, with columns that you can resize, add and remove according to your needs. But that's not all, with the compact view of your leads you will also be able to do bulk actions, such as massively add/remove tags, delete leads, change their status, etc. More info on that here.

Resizing columns

Resizing your columns can be very helpful in the compact mode because it enables you to give more or less room to the information you wish. To resize columns, simple drag the bar of the column to the right or to the left. As easy as that!

Displaying the information you want: adding / removing columns

Also, the compact mode displays information such as the Lead's name, the amount, probability, estimated closing date, etc... According to what you need to access and what information makes sense to you, you can easily remove / add new columns to your compact view.

Simply click on the tool icon on the top right of the leads' lists and choose to add or remove the columns by selecting or unselecting them.