Get organized with minimal effort!

Boost your prospecting game

Our prospecting lists are as easy to use as spreadsheets, but with powerful sales-friendly features. You can build your pipeline faster by tapping into your pool of unqualified leads and process them all in one place. Within the Prospecting List, you can:

  • Manage prospects by easily editing data, writing comments, launching calls, and turning prospects into leads with one click.
  • Assign qualified leads to yourself or your team to start moving them along your sales cycle.

With you can work separately on prospects and qualified leads in just one tool.

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Manage your leads and stop your pipeline from leaking

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Get consistent with your follow-ups and don’t miss the next step:

  • Set reminders that are synchronized with your calendar.

  • Record and attach important information using the comment section for quick reference before calls or follow-up emails.

  • Streamline your sales management process with only two actionable status options: To-Do and Stand-By.

  • Create and customize several pipelines for different products/services by defining every stage in your sales process.

  • Use tags to keep track of your deals and make filtering them that much simpler.

  • Prioritize important leads by using our star system.

Grow your sales pipeline

Avoid having leads fall through the cracks and start capturing leads from several sources into one place with ease.

  • Connect to your website’s contact form and retrieve lead details.

  • Capture leads from emails by forwarding them to

  • Use our mobile app to scan in contacts from business cards.

  • Pull prospect information from LinkedIn or any other website using our Lead Clipper.

  • Create leads in one click from the Prospecting List.

  • Insert leads manually.

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Team management and collaboration

Team-specific features are designed to solve challenges both small and big teams have from setting privacy levels to managing and tracking teams.

  • Easy sharing of contact lists, messages, and comments. Assign leads to teams or specific users

  • Manage group privacy privileges and set different access rights to team leads and activities for managers and their salespeople.

  • Get better insight into team performance with better metrics at team level.

  • Gain a global view of team visual pipeline and forecast your sales.

  • Use the Activity Feed to follow in real-time what your team is working on and where they need assistance.

  • Monitor and measure your salespeople’s success using our statistical reporting at the user level.

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After the Deal

  • Duplicate leads you won and drop them in a Client Folder when upsell/cross-sell opportunities arise.

  • Establish a post-sales process and ensure a smooth handover for your clients.

  • Specify task user/team assignment options and set reminders for each.

  • Identify clients with upsell/cross sell opportunities using our Active Lead filter.