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Simplicity & Ease of Adoption

We believe simplicity is a feature in itself.

no is built with simplicity at its core. It eliminates the need for time-consuming training sessions to onboard your team as is required in traditional CRM systems.

We want salespeople to love and use our software within minutes.

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Built-in Lead Capturing

Easily capture leads from several sources into your no account.

  • Web forms
  • LinkedIn
  • Emails
  • Business cards
  • Manually through a simple lead form
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Activities & Status Loop

Using custom sales activities, you can:

  • Plan calls, meetings or even coffee break chit chats with your leads.
  • Sync reminders with your calendar.
  • Log how these activities went.
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To prevent leaky sales pipelines, each lead in no is always automatically assigned a next action. This is either a “To-Do” status to be managed right away or they go into “Stand-By” for the next follow-up.

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To do

Customizable Sales Pipeline

Manage leads efficiently and gain a 360° view of your sales pipeline.

Organize your sales process with a completely customizable sales funnel.

  • Create as many sales pipelines as your business needs.
  • Add the series of steps you need to take your leads through to close deals.

With a visual sales pipeline, see exactly where your leads are in your sales cycle and know which deals to focus on.

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Built-in Prospecting

With built-in prospecting lists, salespeople can tap into their pool of unqualified prospects and generate more hot leads for their sales pipeline.

  • Import lists from Excel or CSV files.
  • Qualify your contacts and reach them on the phone or email in one click.
  • Turn qualified contacts into leads in a click and assign them to the right team member.
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Team Management & Collaboration

Track and manage teams of all sizes with team-specific features.

Create teams in no to easily share account content and control access via granular privacy settings.

Know what your team is working on and where they need help by accessing a real-time activity feed.

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Statistics and reporting

Access sales reporting to get in-depth insights into your business and unlock growth.

  • Track team performances and key sales metrics such as numbers of emails sent, calls made, deals closed and much more.
  • Improve processes by identifying leaks and weak points in your pipeline report.
  • Gain visibility over future revenues with sales forecasting report.
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The key to a successful sales solution is customization. no fits your business needs.

  • Define lead fields and categorize them with tags for enhanced lead filtering and in-depth statistics.
  • Add steps to your sales process.
  • Create custom sales activities to match the way you sell.
  • Create an interface that reflects your company by adding your logo and personalized widgets.
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Post-Sales Process

A simple task management checklist to ensure a smooth handover.

Build a list of tasks you want to complete after winning a deal and assign tasks to different team members with calendar-synchronized reminders.

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Integrations & API

Take advantage of our growing list of integrations.

  • Plug in your accounting software, connect your G-Suite, integrate your phone system, and sync data between apps in a few clicks.
  • Use our API and personalized widgets to display data from your own IT systems.
  • Connect to over 750 more apps via Zapier and automate your workflow across all business apps without having to leave no
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Mobile App

Use no while on-the-move with our Android and iOS mobile apps.

You can add, manage, track, and close deals from your phone (even offline) and have your data seamlessly synchronized with the desktop app on Mac OS and Windows PC.

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Security & Reliability

More than 2,500 customers worldwide trust no in ensuring data safety and system reliability.

  • GDPR compliance.
  • Your data is your data.
  • Communication encrypted over SSL.
  • Database content is duplicated in real time with daily backups.
  • High availability web-based software.
  • State of the art security.
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no is with you every step of the way. Find answers to your questions in our Help Center, Academy, and YouTube channel or reach out to our support team directly by using the in-app chat.

You can also access our blog for tips and tricks to help you close more deals.

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