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Create Teams

You have a sales team and you wish to reproduce your sales structure in your lead management software? It's possible.

The 'teams' feature allows you to create subgroups inside no It is especially useful for companies that don’t need direct interaction between teams, but do need data consolidation as well as global activity reports.

⚠️ This feature is only available in the Expert Edition

Activate the feature

Teams don’t come by default. If you want to turn it on, you have to activate the feature Admin > Account Settings > Privacy.

Once activated, you have to choose the privacy for teams. Common settings when using teams are to; set the global account to “only admins can see other’s items, and the team privacy settings to “everything is shared” or “only team managers can see other’s items”.

You can also decide between admins, team managers, or simple users, as to who can assign or reassign leads inside a team.

Create your first team, assign users, and choose team managers

Once activated, the admin menu “Users” becomes “Users and teams”. Open it. There is now a new tab called “Teams” that will allow you to create your first team. Once a team is created you can assign users to it and choose them as team managers. Depending on the privacy setting you have chosen, team managers may access and edit other users’ leads and access their statistics.


Once the team feature is activated, you'll be able to filter your statistics “By team", allowing you to see the statistics of a specific team and group the data by day or by members of the team.

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