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Pipeline view: all your leads displayed by sales steps!

With the Pipeline View, your sales management activities will be simplified: you’ll have a clear overview of your leads by sales steps, which will enable you not only to know where your business it as, but also to know what leads might need a little extra hand to move forward.

How to structure your pipeline view?

To have the best pipeline view according to your needs, you need to customize your pipeline.

How to create several pipelines?

In the Starter Edition you can only have 1 pipeline, but in the Expert Edition you can create all the pipelines you want. More info here

How does it work?

You can choose the pipeline view mode from every page of your account. As an Admin, you can view all the leads' from all the users. As a user, depending on the privacy settings of the account, you can view either all your leads or all the leads.

The pipeline view is the best way of getting a complete overview of where your sales activity is at.