Most businesses do not need a tool to manage their customers,
they need a tool to turn their prospects INTO customers!

You Don't Need a CRM! is an incredibly simple and efficient web based software built for your sales teams.

It helps them track and close their deals without spending hours filling out forms.

Sales people don't use CRM software

Why ?

Standard CRM software slows down your sales by wasting time filling in 'paperwork', diverting you from your primary goal: acquiring new customers!

You have to go through the process of creating a sales log including company name, contact details, and to do steps, and finally add your lead...

Our solution

It's all about leads. Copy & paste information from a spreadsheet or upload a business card! That's it! You have a lead, you can start working.

You Don't Need a CRM! keeps you in touch with your prospects at the key moments of the customer relation process, taking away the risk of missing an important opportunity!

For Who?

You Don’t Need a CRM is the perfect match for small businesses ranging from 1 to 200 employees that need a pro-active sales approach to turn leads into deals.

SMBs enjoy our cloud solution. No need to install software on a computer, no maintenance, everything is accessed through the browser. It’s fast, easy and secure. It’s SaaS!

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Features to boost your sales skills

Start from a Prospecting List

Filling in forms can be tiring and painful. With our solution, you can easily import from any Excel/CSV File and start working on the contacts right away inside our prospecting list. Once a suspect turns out to be of interest, turn it into a Lead in one click. This is great when compiling a cold calling list or qualifying a marketing database. Never waste time with Spreadsheets again - turn your Leads into Deals!

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Or with a business card...

You're away from the office, networking, receiving business cards here and there. You just met a potential customer, take a picture of their card with our mobile application and it will be turned into a lead with all you need to know: company name, contact details. All you had to do was take a picture!

Never lose a lead with automatic alerts

Before the closing, leads have only two status options: either the 'you have something to do' ones or the 'you WILL have something to do' ones. It's that simple! Each time you act on a lead, you log it and set your reminder for your next action. When that time comes, the lead shows up automatically at the top of your to-do list and in your synchronized calendar (Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook...)

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Customize your sales process

With You Don't Need a CRM! you define each step of your sales process or your sales funnel : new prospect, contacted, trial, negotiating, closing. You customize the steps according to your needs and you manage your pipeline in a clear and efficient way.

Get leads from your website

Connecting your website's contact form to You Don't Need a CRM! is as easy as sending an email. Whether it’s a request for information, a demo or a quote, you can turn it directly to a lead inside You Don't Need a CRM!. Once again, you never lose a lead!

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There is a life after “won”

You’ve just won a lead. Congrats! But what are you going to do now? There is often a specific need for a follow up after a deal has been won.

Create a Follow-up with specific tasks or use a predefined template with regular tasks and then assign it to anyone within your team. You can even set reminders for future tasks in order not to forget to get back to your clients at the right time. It's Project Management made easy!

Go mobile

Whether you use Mac or Pc, iOS or Android, tablet or desktop, Surface or iPad You Don’t Need a CRM! will adapt to your screen and provide you the best experience with your terminal. With our mobile version you will be able to scan a business card on the way, call your prospects, log your activity or help your team.

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Google Apps for Work and third party apps

Are you using Google Apps for your business? That's great as You Don’t Need a CRM! is a SaaS software connected to Google Apps for Work. It gives you access to Single Sign On, instant Google Calendar synchronization and import of your contacts. But that’s not all, we’re also connected to hundreds of third party apps like FreshBooks, Mailchimp, QuickBooks, Slack, Wufoo through Zapier, our API or direct integration.

Collaboration and team management

You Don't Need a CRM! is a great tool for one person, but it is even better for a team. Our features emphasize team-work, you can share contact lists, messages, comments, and get help with leads. With its state-of-the-art collaborative features, its daily summary and its statistics, You Don't Need a CRM! facilitates team work and helps you become a better company.

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Great sales software comes with a simple interface

You Don't Need a CRM! happens to be the most effective lead management interface you could ever think of. Only a couple of clicks required to get to the right point. Information is displayed in a modern and efficient way.

The pipeline view allows you to embrace all your current leads at once, arranged according to their step in your commercial process. You can visualize and manage your leads easily and even drag and drop them from one step to another.

Each morning the to-do tab provides a task list and reminds you who to contact. You just need to check and update each lead without even changing to another page. It's that simple! This saves you time, allowing you to focus on what you do best: close deals.

You can browse your leads by sales steps or by tags (ie product, country, origin...) so you can drill down easily into your business. Each lead has its own page where you can see its complete history with all related files (specifications, pricing...) and includes emails you’ve exchanged with your prospect.

You have access to dashboards and a comprehensive set of statistics to efficiently and successfully monitor your business

Your success is our success

We're very serious about helping you succeed by giving you all kinds of support to understand and squeeze all the juice out of our solution.

In fact, we provide you with:

We want you to use and love our solution, we want you to be a happy customer so that we can build a long term relationship.

Our customers' reviews

  • Inside Sales, this is the perfect lead tracker

    All I've ever wanted was a program to track leads without all the over-complication of a full CRM. YDNACRM was the perfect solution. I finally found what I was looking for.

    Quentin McNabb — Sales, Motion View Software

  • Simple, powerful and effective!!!

    Helps you to manage your sales team without the endless fields to be fulfilled like in the others tools available in the market. Gives your team more free time to do what really matters: find new sales opportunities.

    Eduardo Biasi — Sales Manager, Fly Link Telecom

  • You Don't Need a CRM is a very simple yet effective tool. I was really impressed how the claim was taken into action. I can totally recommend it to all SMBs.

    Roman Walther — Digital Marketing Advisor

  • Great and affordable app

    I have a small retail business so I needed a system to manage my leads without running out on budget. Now I have more than 1 year using YDNCRM and I find it very helpful, plus the team provides ongoing support and training. I highly recommend this system if you have small to medium sales teams and don't want to spend weeks on the set up.

    Uzziel Sanchez — Director, CWCuitlahuac

  • We switched from a CRM/Project Management app to You Don't Need a CRM and we love it. The sales guy says almost everyday: 'I love YDNCRM'. The interface is simple and sensible, so we were able to use it immediately with very little training.

    Lura Frazey — Manager, Steve Locke Construction

  • Great tool, simple and powerful

    It's so easy to use: no need to fill in any database... Just add your own email address in bcc so that you create a lead when you mail a contact, or even scan a card with the mobile app... Tasks reminders are fully integrated in Google Calendar so you can drive your prospection with the tool and track any contact. That's a tool I use and enjoy every day!

    Frédéric Le Compagnon — Head of Agency, Opus MI

Adaptive pricing

Starter Edition

$10 per user per month

Ideal for very small companies

  • Fast Lead generation
  • Calendar Synchronisation
  • Business Card recognition
  • Automatic Lead Alerts
  • Sales Process customisation
  • Google App Integration
  • Prospecting List
  • Follow-up
  • Mobile App

Expert Edition

$17 per user per month

For demanding sales people
or bigger sales teams

  • All features from the Starter Edition
  • +
  • Team management
  • Advanced Follow-up
  • Multiple Follow-up Templates
  • Lead´s closing date
  • Multiple Pipelines
  • Future pipeline view
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Advanced prospecting lists

15-day free trial - No contract - No credit card required

It's that affordable and that simple.

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