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Easy to use sales management tool designed to help your sales teams convert more leads.

Empower your salespeople

  • Never drop a lead

    Set a reminder for your next action that syncs with your calendar, change lead status, log activity, and stay on top of your to-do’s every morning.

  • Gain a global view of your sales pipeline

    Have all the relevant data on your leads saved in one place and move them from one stage to the next on our visual pipeline.

  • Remember exactly where you are with each prospect

    Create personalized sales steps and view a complete history of each lead to pick up where you left off

  • Cold call efficiently

    Easily import contacts from Excel or .csv file, call them in one click and turn interested suspects into leads.

  • Stay connected while on the go

    Download our mobile app from the AppStore or Google Play and access your leads on the go and even offline.

And drive your sales team's success

  • Manage your teams

    Create teams, assign leads to users, and set access permissions.

  • Structure information in a simple and effective way

    Customize different pipelines and create categories, tags, and fields needed for your leads.

  • Connect with your favorite apps

    Benefit from our growing integrations to third-party apps such as: G Suite, FreshBooks, MailChimp, Quickbooks, Slack, and Wufoo through direct integration, our API or Zapier.

  • Get an overview of what is happening and help your team

    Thanks to an activity feed, great email summary, and statistics reports managers can follow their whole team’s activity and step in when needed.

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Adaptive pricing

nocrm.io offers Starter and Expert editions catering to businesses with different needs and sizes. Both editions are available in four official languages: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese with full support from our international customer success team.

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We also provide community-supported versions in Russian and German.

Join the community of 7,000+ salespeople, managers, and CEOs around the world in 80+ countries
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What our customers say about us

  • Far better than we ever could have before.

    Moving away from Excel to nocrm.io has been a huge time saver. It allows us to manage leads far better than we ever could have before. Simple set up, simple to learn, simple to use

    Simon March Simon MarchChief Operations Officer,

  • Which way trends are evolving

    With nocrm.io we get a much better understanding of how things are going and in which way trends are evolving. It gives us a better understanding of where our sales processes are working and in what field we need to make adjustments.

    Randy Cosby Randy CosbyCEO, Founder and Vice President,

  • A huge relief as it is so easy to use.

    You Don’t Need a CRM! is a win in every aspect. 100% usage. The software was an absolute profitable solution for our direct sales department, but also from a sales manager’s perspective, a huge relief as it is so easy to use.

    Christian Suding Christian SudingSales Director,

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