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Send notifications or fire actions based on events

It is very important to be able to fire actions when some precise events happen. For example you might want to be notified when a lead is won or created.

You might also want to send an email to the accounting staff when a lead is won…

This can be done through the notification in the admin (the information is then sent by email), or by using Webhooks via our API. Webhooks will be fired when a lead is created, when the status of a lead changes, or when the lead moves from one step of the pipeline to another. The data is then sent in a JSON format to any URL you specify. It’s a very powerful way to create a process and connect your IT with no

Available trigger events

  • lead.creation
  • (won|to-do|standby|lost|cancelled)
  • (*)
  • lead.contenthaschanged (*)
  • lead.deleted (*)
  • new lead.unassigned (*)
  • (*)

(*) Expert Edition only

You can check the technical Webhooks documentation here: