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Your solution to painless cross-platform contacts synchronization

Last update on April 3

PieSync is a cloud-based solution synching contacts between the apps you use.

  • Set up your app connections in a few minutes.
  • Maintain data integrity. Keep your business apps' contacts in a smart two-way sync.
  • Eliminate manual import/export of data and have PieSync work in the background in real time

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Save time and maintain data consistency across your cloud applications

  • Share lead and customer information between noCRM and your other business apps
  • Avoid losing and duplicating data everywhere
  • Ensure data quality between sales, marketing and other teams is a lead management tool that boosts sales teams' productivity and organizes your sales process

  • Stop losing leads and convert more customers
  • Create leads from LinkedIn, business cards, emails, and web forms in a matter of seconds
  • Manage cold prospects and hot leads separately in noCRM
  • Customize your sales pipeline and track performances

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For more information on how to set up your PieSync integration, visit our dedicated help page.

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