Stay on top of your sales activities is a sales pipeline management tool built to provide a complete view of your sales performance.

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Team performance

Gain visibility into future revenues and focus efforts accordingly.

Visualize your pipeline

Get a visual layout of your sales process and know how many leads you have in the pipe and the amount of forecasted revenue sitting in each step. Focus on the right leads, complete your next actions, and close more deals.

Predict and optimize company growth

Take the guesswork out and have real-time visual prediction of your growth. With estimated closing dates and probabilities, you can focus on what's likely to close and work on finding new deals for a stronger sales pipeline.

Drive performance with actionable data

Track and measure your team's sales performance with individual and collective sales reports. View how many leads were created, how many calls were made, the number of proposals sent and much more.


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Everything a sales team needs to succeed.

Simple sales process

Simplify your sales process

Design your sales process and view your pipeline by sales steps or the estimated closing date of your leads. Drag and drop leads in the appropriate pipeline step as you guide them to a buying decision.

Lead management tool

Get real time updates

Follow lead updates in real-time with our activity feed. Know what your team is working on and when to step in if needed.

Pipeline monitor

Improve your pipeline performance

Analyze your step-to-step conversion rates and pinpoint blockages in your pipeline to consistently improve your sales process.

Sales funnel

Boost your prospecting game

Identify which prospecting list creates the most qualified leads and generates new business. Know who your best qualifiers are and who's winning at closing deals to replicate success across your teams.

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Great tool to track leads without living in your CRM

Sebastien Blanc, GM, US, Struq

It does what it says on the tin: track leads, help sales reps know when to get back in touch with a lead and structure deals quickly using tags. This is a sales-rep focused CRM, not a reporting-led CRM and it helps make sure no lead ever falls through the cracks. The app is very easy to use, requires no training and can be configured for a small team in 5 minutes. Great way to power a small sales team. is exactly what we needed!

Patrick Carter

We needed a tool to help us manage our leads. I looked at several CRM's and they were all too complicated. We just needed a way to make sure our leads were followed up on. provided just what we needed for lead management without all the other confusing crm options. They create a pipeline so you can move your leads along and set reminders for follow up. Very simple to use and we are grateful we found them.

With 500+ reviews

Everything you need to sell faster and maximise your revenues.

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