Manage leads efficiently and never miss another follow-up.

no is a lead management tool designed for salespeople to manage and track leads efficiently to win more deals.

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Sales pipeline management

Stay on top of your leads. Never forget a follow up again.

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Don't miss your next action

All leads are automatically assigned a 'To-Do' status for the next action. Stop dropping leads and stay consistent with your follow ups.

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Optimize your sales process

View at a glance the status of your leads with immediate visual indicators showing your next activity. Know exactly what deals you need to work on, which ones are overdue, and what is next in line to close.

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Focus on activities that matter

Schedule activities with your leads including calls, emails, and meetings and automatically sync reminders with your calendar.


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Everything a salesperson needs to succeed

Separate leads prospects

Separate cold prospects from real leads

Have a clear distinction between prospects and warm leads with prospecting spreadsheets. Qualify your list into high-quality leads by adding them to your sales pipeline. Timeline point left 1d9cd439c0446c1612b5bab1d6110c564f51aa14a49567c3e42db04545335c78

Sales success

Speed up your sales process

Stop your leads from stalling in the sales pipeline. With an automated 'To-Do' status, salespeople have complete clarity on what leads they need to follow up on and what the next action is. Timeline point right 799fa4cffcd4cb32c1b6d2330cfa437eac3e832e4992c508fa5a49180e798a63

Mobile CRM

Close on the go

Don't miss any business opportunities and use our mobile app. Access your to-do list, update your leads, and win deals wherever you go. Timeline point left 1d9cd439c0446c1612b5bab1d6110c564f51aa14a49567c3e42db04545335c78

Visual sales process

Visualize your sales process

Customize your pipeline and have your leads sorted by their sales step. With extensive filters and activity indicators, know your priorities and move leads from end-to-end efficiently. Timeline point right 799fa4cffcd4cb32c1b6d2330cfa437eac3e832e4992c508fa5a49180e798a63

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A great experience using this software

Sergio Hernandez, Manager, EP Solutions

In our company we have the issue of staying on top of follow ups with our prospects, with noCRM we resolved this problem and beyond

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A very intuitive CRM

Luis Vargas, Commercial advisor, Metric Arts

The most I like about noCRM is that allows you to follow the different process for each lead you manage. Is very easy to set you tags, pipeline, teams and tasks.

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With 500+ reviews

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