Optimize your team's sales performance and close more deals.

no CRM.io is a Lead Management Tool designed for sales teams to manage leads efficiently and optimize sales performance.

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Sales performance

Turn data into sales and drive your sales team's performance

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Visualize your sales pipeline

Gain control over complex sales processes with visual pipelines. Salespeople can better track deals and identify where their pipeline is leaking and increase step-to-step lead conversions.

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Simplify lead management

Salespeople gain clarity on what leads they need to focus on, what the next action is, and their historical exchanges with their leads. Managers can assign new leads to their teams and see all ongoing sales activities.

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Elevate sales performance with metrics that matter

Follow lead updates in real-time and track performance at all levels. See how many meetings were arranged, or proposals were sent before a deal was won to drive sales success.


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Everything a sales team needs to succeed

Sales team

Assign leads to the right team

Add leads into the pipeline from any source and assign each to the right sales rep or team to manage through the sales process. Timeline point left 1d9cd439c0446c1612b5bab1d6110c564f51aa14a49567c3e42db04545335c78

Performance measurement

Measure and raise sales performance

With accurate tracking and reporting, you can view your team's sales KPIs at an individual and collective level. Determine challenges and drivers in your sales process to give your team actionable insights and improve performance. Timeline point right 799fa4cffcd4cb32c1b6d2330cfa437eac3e832e4992c508fa5a49180e798a63

Pipeline monitor

Monitor your sales pipeline

Customize your pipeline to match your sales process and view how many leads you have in each step. Track, prioritize, and manage deals with visual activity indicators. Timeline point left 1d9cd439c0446c1612b5bab1d6110c564f51aa14a49567c3e42db04545335c78

Secure sales CRM

Control visibility levels and manage access rights

Assign different levels of permission for individual users or teams. You can either manage leads privately or you can collaborate with other team members giving them access to view your leads and activities. Timeline point right 799fa4cffcd4cb32c1b6d2330cfa437eac3e832e4992c508fa5a49180e798a63

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noCRM helped us improve the productivity and motivation of our Sales Team

Penny Allen, Sales Consultant, PJ A Outsourced Sales Services

noCRM required us to rethink several of our sales processes and we now operate much more efficiently. The entire sales pipeline is now highly visible to all and we are excited that we can now see the progress in moving the Leads from Suspect to Prospect culminating in Won, Lost or Cancelled...

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A very intuitive CRM

Luis Vargas, Commercial advisor, Metric Arts

The most I like about noCRM is that allows you to follow the different process for each lead you manage. Is very easy to set you tags, pipeline, teams and tasks.

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With 500+ reviews

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