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Sync your account with your calendar

Having your calendar synced with your no account is a basic but extremely useful feature. You can sync. with your Outlook, Calendar (Mac), Yahoo, Google...

Why sync. your calendar to your no account? In order to get notifications for your next appointments / calls, etc... whenever you set a reminder with a specific date & time.

Outlook, Yahoo or Calendar (Mac)

To sync. with your Outlook, Yahoo or Calendar (Mac) / iCal, go to the Tools > Calendar section of your account. Copy the URL, then open the calendar of your choice to paste it there.

Video tutorial:

Google Calendar

If you have a Gmail or G Suite account, in the Tools > Calendar section of your account, click on the button "Connect my Google account". Choose the account you wish to connect, and that's it. As easy as that. Every time you set a reminder with a specific date & time, it will show up in your calendar.


In case of error with Google Calendar

It can happen that Google updates their Calendar, and when it happens, you will need to revoke the connection between your account and your Google Calendar, and connect it again.

How to proceed:

  1. Go to Tools > Calendar
  2. Click on "Revoke Google Access"
  3. Choose the Google account you were connected to
  4. Click on "Connect to my Google account"
  5. Authorize no to access your account information

All set!