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Customizing your account interface

Customizing your account and making it yours is essential. You need for your users to feel at home, and be able to work the way they are used to. Feeling at home means having your own colors and logo.

Inside the Admin panel > Account Management > User Interface, not only can you change the banner color and upload your company’s logo as a whitelabel, but also:

  • Choose your time zone, your language (this can also be set at a user level), and country
  • Turn off some widgets on the right sidebar (twitter, webinar, etc…)
  • Create a personalized widget in the right sidebar. This will enable you to push important information to your users and send out links to important documents for sales activities for example
  • Decide where you wish the comments to appear (last comment at the top or at the bottom)
  • Choose to activate the teams feature

It is also very important that you encourage other users to upload a profile picture, uploading your own photo is a good way to start :-). This is very important, as human beings are very good at recognizing pictures in a much faster way than a name. You’ll feel at home and will drive up collaboration.

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Table of contents

  1. Organizing your sales activity
    1. Our Philosophy
    2. Suspects (Unqualified Prospects) vs. Leads
    3. Prospecting Lists, Leads & Client Folders
    4. Status vs. Sales Steps
    5. Defining Key Information on Leads
    6. The Importance of Categorizing Your Leads
    7. Managing Multiple Contacts in the Same Company
    8. Admin, Team Manager & User
    9. Customizing Your Account Interface
  2. Organizing Your Daily Activities
    1. Build the Perfect Setup for your Sales Team.
    2. Every Morning, Know Exactly What Leads You Need to Work On
    3. Follow Up the History of Your Exchanges & Bcc Email Conversations
    4. Set Reminders and Synchronize Your Account with Your Calendar
    5. Sort Activities for a Better Understanding of Your Leads
    6. Extended, Compact & Pipeline Mode
    7. Create Several Pipelines to Analyse Different Sales Processes
    8. Make your Most Important Leads Stand Out
    9. Find Leads by Using Filters
  3. How to Win at Cold Prospecting
    1. How to Organize your Prospecting and Cold Calling
    2. When and How to Use Prospecting Lists
    3. Only Turn a Row into a Lead Once the Contact is Qualified
    4. The Importance of Using Column Names
    5. Magic Columns
  4. Working on the Go
    1. Mobile App
    2. Using the Speech Recognition
    3. Scan your Business Cards
  5. Adding Leads from External Sources
    1. By E-mail
    2. From your Partners
    3. From a Contact Form
  6. Follow up your Business Activity - Understanding How it Works and Collaborating
    1. How to Manage Your Sales Team Efficiently?
    2. How to Implement an Activity-Based Sales Strategy?
    3. Analyze your Activity by Category or by Salesperson
    4. Analyze your business and sales team performance
    5. Find the Leads That Have Been Pending for too Long
    6. ROI of Specific Actions, or of a Specific Month Activity
    7. Using the Activity Feed to Manage your Team
    8. Follow the Sales Activity Every Morning Thanks to the Daily Activity E-mail
    9. Exporting your Data for Reporting or Marketing Purposes
  7. Manage your Existing Customers
    1. Following up on your Won Clients
    2. How to Manage Upsells and Renewals vs Post-sales Process
  8. Connect to Other Apps
    1. How to Connect: Zapier, API & Direct Integration
    2. Send Notifications or Fire Actions Based on Events
    3. How to connect noCRM to your own Information System