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Manage the users of your account

In this page, we will explain how to create, deactivate and reactivate users.

no CRM has license-mode pricing, which means that you purchase licenses and not users.

Thanks to the license-mode pricing, turnover is handled smoothly: if a user leaves the company and another one replaces him, you can transfer their license from one to another easily and don’t have to pay more for that.

How does it work exactly?

1. Purchase the licenses you need

From the Admin Panel > Users (and teams), click on the cart to purchase the licenses you need.

2. Create new users

To invite your colleagues to join in, go to Admin > Users. and click on the button + Users

Simply fill in their e-mail address and it will send them an e-mail. You can edit the attributes of each user directly from their user page. You can also give other users admin status.

3. Deactivate an existing user

You can easily deactivate users by going to Admin > Users and choosing "deactivate".

Not to worry! When deactivating a user it does not erase all their leads. We ask you if you wish to assign them to another user or if you wish to have them all sent to the "unassigned leads" menu and they assign the leads to other users. And, if you choose to do nothing with their leads, for now, you will be able to work on them later.

4. Replacing a user: how to transfer a license.

Whenever you deactivate a user, their license is made available. You just need to create a new user, without having to purchase a new license.

5. Reactivating a user

If one of your sales reps is on leave and you deactivate them for a couple of months, you will be able to reactivate them easily from the Admin Panel > Users.

⚠️ If you don’t have any available licenses left, you’ll have to purchase a new license before reactivating a user!

As shown in the image below, filter by “Deactivated” users, then click on the button “Reactivate” on the right. As easy as that!

6. Resetting a user's password

In case a user has left the company or doesn't remember their password, as an Admin you can now reset it for them. Go to your Admin Panel > Users (and teams) > Click on the "Actions" menu at the right of the user, and choose Reset Password.

⚠️ When doing this, it disconnects the user from all devices (desktop or mobile), erases their password and sends them an e-mail to warn them an admin requested that they changed their password, with instructions to do so.

Watch the video below to see it live: