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October 2019


  • Display the prospect created date on the prospect browse popup window
  • Pre-fill the estimated closing date when creating a lead based on the average time to win leads
  • Add a filter on leads by logged activity on a date range
  • Add two filters on Client Folder list: with won leads and without won leads
  • When duplicating a lead, it is possible to attach both leads to an existing Client Folder
  • Add export button on Statistics data table
  • API: create a lead from a prospect

Mobile application

  • New version of the application (7.1.3) to fix some issues on notifications

Improvements in existing features

  • Be able to sort out the admin bookmarks
  • Add "me" privacy when creating a prospecting list
  • Always display the lead's creator in the history of the lead
  • API: add the number of comments on a prospect
  • API: list only the non-deleted prospecting list when retrieving them
  • Display lead's counter between leads navigation in the popup window
  • Add the date of the first activity on a lead in exports
  • API: be able to filter leads from an attribute key defined in the account
  • API: be able to include the unassigned leads in the list of leads

Bugs fixed

  • Fix bug when updating a lead on Edge browser only
  • Fix activity count in Statistics when the activity is not an outcome and the statistics are not grouped by parent activity
  • Fix bug on prospecting list when trying to activate/deactivate a prospect
  • Fix lead's creation from a prospecting list owned by a team that has been deleted
  • Fix unable to update a lead when there was a bad character in the title
  • Fix errors when clicking on the browser's back button
  • Fix ordering bookmarks in the bookmark creation window
  • Fix Google and LinkedIn search from the prospect view
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