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October 2015

Mobile App Beta

Last September we opened the Beta version of our new Mobile App to several customers who have been trying it out and giving us feedback. This month, we have fixed some bugs and improved some of the existing features, such as:

  • being able to sort out the data by last update
  • improvements of page when filtering by tags
  • fix display reminder without time
  • fix login problems

New features

In terms of new features, this month we changed the tag-cloud for a drop-down menu of tags, and created thus a entire new system of filtering leads. In fact, you can now filter the leads tagged with a specific tag, or exclude those that have a specific tag in your search.

Also, this feature enables to improve the follow-up of existing clients mechanism. More on this subject on this blog post

Improvements in existing features

  • open the links inside the lead's description in a new page
  • we do not process the emails from closed customers anymore
  • when looking for a lead by the e-mail address of the contact, we are now able to show the exact e-mail address
  • the statistics now include new information on tags.

Bug fixes

  • fix bug in register as new customer: the email could be rejected even when there was no error
  • fix connection with google app
  • fix search problems: upper case was not working and the accents too
  • fix display of emails sent: Morning splash
  • fix lost of data when deleting a line without saving the data before in the prospecting files
  • add a confirmation message before deleting a line in a prospecting file
  • fix restore lead fro the trash
  • fix display of tooltips in the left menu
  • add lead's id in the title of lead to differentiate leads with the same name
  • fix delete of bcc emails
  • when adding an invoice or the estimate attached is won, changed the lead's status to won and the probability is changed to 100%
  • when adding an estimate to a lead, change the probability to 50%
  • fix import excel files when sometimes they have bad characters inside
  • fix problem of wrong language when logging in or when receiving emails
  • fix problem of disconnection sometimes of the application
  • fix locale, sometimes the language were all messed up
  • update left menu
  • be able to filter by starred leads in the pipeline view
  • fix update lead's status when the google connection cannot be done
  • fix browse by tags when there is no leads
  • fix scan business card when they are not as attachement on the email. Some mailer application added the picture directly in the body of the lead and the application did not process them
  • process properly the email addresses of a lead when you add or remove email addresses
  • fix problem in comment creation when the email address was not formatted properly
  • fix tags in browse when they contain some special characters
  • fix links in the prospecting files
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