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March 2020


  • New preference in Admin panel > Account settings: ☑️ Remove free tags field. The preference is only visible if the account has at least 1 predefined tag
  • New preference in Admin panel > Account settings: ☑️ Hide deactivated users in all lists in the application.
  • From Admin panel > Users, it is possible to reset the password of a user. They will be disconnected from all their sessions and a link will be sent to their email to reset a new password
  • Lead Clipper is reactivated on the LinkedIn pages
  • For the Expert editions, it is now possible to sort out the pipelines created from Admin panel > Your sales funnel

Improvements in existing features

  • When setting a lead as won, the application asks to create a follow-up. It's now possible to not display this message anymore, directly from the popup window, without having to go to the settings page.
  • When changing the lead's status to standby by bulk, the calendar info is now filled with other reminders
  • When the default is set as a key, add a key icon close to it to quickly see which fields are keys

Bugs fixed

  • Fix when writing a comment, if the user clicks on "see all comments" before posting the comment, the draft is not lost anymore.
  • Fix when creating a new lead, avoid to display the lead as a potential duplicate of itself.
  • Fixed the estimated closing date's form
  • Fixed default avatar display on the profile page
  • Fix spreadsheet row deletion when a column is sorted out
  • Fix pagination on Client Folders page
  • Fix lead's creation from a prospect when there were emoji icons in the lead's title
  • Fix Lead Clipper for QuickBooks when trying to clip an estimate or an invoice, the customer's information was missing
  • Fix link's color in some mailer in the digest email
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