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March 2015

Improvements in existing features

Search Engine

The search engine was highly improved. A histogram and the possibility of filtering by tag/user/status were added.

Lead creation by email

Add #step et #tags in the emails to create automatically the email with the specified step and the tags. If the step doesn't exist, the first step is used. If the lead is not assigned, the tags will be set when the lead is assigned

Email Bcc

Be able to move a bcc email from one lead to another in case of mistakes


  • Export reminder in calendar: add comment if set with the reminder, otherwise the whole lead
  • Export leads on a Client page
  • Export client folder name when exporting leads
  • Export spreadsheets in csv
  • Export statistics in csv: the stats on leads lost/canceled are separated in the export ; statistics add scale week


  • Add permalinks when retrieving an object
  • Add predefined fields in leads


Update Zapier app to have fields available in lead objects. Learn more about Zapier

Billing Information

  • Improve Billing Info form
  • Improve display invoices
  • Add button retry payment in case of error or for suspended account
  • Access to invoices when an account is suspended

Preferences for Admin users

  • Hide directory
  • Hide webinar widget only if paying customer
  • Hide 'Win free months' widget only if paying customer
  • Hide twitter widget only if paying customer

Business cards

Optimization Activity page with business cards

Bug fixes

  • Cannot have 2 users with the same alias email address in the same account
  • Spreadsheet: keep the privacy of owner when an admin edit the info of the spreadsheet
  • Fix url factomos (je ne sais pas si ca vaut le coup de le mettre)
  • Fix in api in the webhook events the contact_emails list with lead.creation hook (it was empty before the fix only with this specific event)
  • Fix random session errors on Google Chrome
  • Fix error when assigning lead
  • When exporting data, avoid click on the button when it is already done
  • Fix batch update when changing its status, the reminder was removed properly
  • Fix session errors for some customers using Chrome
  • Fix account creation from Google app Marketplace
  • Fix cache expiration of lead table when adding/ordering/removing steps
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