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January 2018


  • Launch the partnership program. Contact us if you want to become a partner!
  • Add ability to order leads by estimated closing date
  • Add a new account preference: only admins can edit leads' creation date (default is false, everyone can edit). Option available only for Expert edition.

Improvements in existing features

  • When #user: is present in an email description sent to the email address, the lead is automatically assigned ot this user
  • BccEmail: remove emails from the account from the TO and CC fields

Bug fixes

  • Fix tag list on prospecting lists page
  • Fix pagination on client leads list
  • Fix link when sending the reset password instructions
  • Fix issue when clicking on an email on Safari
  • Fix typo in Attachments label in Activity logs
  • Remove exclamation mark from task status if the task is todo and doesn't have a reminder previously set
  • Fix Factomos external links
  • Fix import google contacts
  • Prevent removing a pipeline if some deleted leads still belong to him
  • Fix prospecting list row comment icon behavior
  • Fix label on Follow ups drop-down menu when filtering by user
  • Fix leads with step that doesn't exist anymore
  • Fix a few issues on IE11
  • Fix issues when trying to access or count a pipeline that doesn't exist anymore
  • Fix Unassigned leads page
  • Fix display on bcc emails on Edge
  • Fix prospecting list header menu
  • Fix issue on estimate status for Freshbooks v2
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