Best SaaS Tools for Sales Development Representatives (SDRs)

Digital transformation is a subject increasingly addressed by SMEs, due to increasing competition which forces these companies to make a difference at each key stage of their sales process. Indeed, the growing offers make customers more attentive and sensitive to personalized support.

For this reason, more and more SaaS software is emerging, intended to embody the evolution of these customers and make a difference in terms of acquisition strategy.

This transition is further accelerated by the crisis caused by COVID-19, which forces managers to find solutions to effectively manage sales teams remotely.

SDRs Facing Market Challenges

To successfully sell, the SDRs must now be supported by effective SaaS tools, helping them carry out in-depth sales prospecting and rigorous follow-up. Indeed, practice shows that organization is at the heart of the profession, where the price of a forgotten follow-up is too high to be overlooked.

The solution would therefore be to free your SDRs from repetitive tasks and centralize all the information, so that they can focus on what they can do best: sell!

SaaS tools for Sales Development Representatives

Each sale begins with a crucial step which is prospecting. Indeed, this is what will lay the foundation for further exchanges and directly influence the sale. In order for this commercial prospecting to lead to the clear identification of the needs and motivations of the potential customer, it is essential to provide salespeople with the right tools.

We have therefore decided to offer you a non-exhaustive list of essential tools for your sales team that tackle to this problem:

Create lists of B2B prospects

Datananas is an innovative B2B prospecting software that will be appreciated by avant-garde salespeople! This tool will allow you to generate more business opportunities thanks to the dedicated and optimized functionalities for sales needs.

You will be able to create lists of prospects from nominative and professional e-mail addresses, as well as from social networks, in particular, Linkedin.

In addition, you will be able to connect Datananas to your Gmail, Outlook and many other mailboxes in order to send sequences of e-mails to increase the engagement of your prospects via scheduled automatic reminders, with the aim of securing appointments.

More efficient phone prospecting

Aircall is a VoIP solution suitable for sales teams and even call centers. It is one of the leaders in its segment, currently available in more than 40 countries.

Aircall aims to improve the efficiency of salespeople by providing considerable support in terms of phone prospecting. The software integrates very easily with your usual sales tools, as well as with various CRMs, so that you can keep call records and monitor the activity and statistics of your salespeople.
Manage opportunities and never forget a follow-up

noCRM is a prospecting and lead management software designed to meet the specific needs of salespeople with support during all the key stages of the sales process.

noCRM simplifies the work of sales reps and makes it more efficient, thanks to an intuitive interface and customizable functionalities. Thanks to noCRM, your SDRs will no longer spend time filling in unnecessary information. They will instead be free to focus on the next action with their leads.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Diversify your exchanges with potential customers

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool developed to help your sales teams optimize Social Selling by diversifying their contact channels to improve performance in terms of prospecting and sales.

In fact, LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to find members according to specific criteria, while keeping your target in sight and contacting them without even having to log in beforehand, thanks to the in-mail system.

Better understand your prospects and analyze their behavior

Yesware is an extension for your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser that gives you everything you need to schedule meetings with ease and offers notifications to follow-up on your leads at the right time.

Yesware allows you to better target and understand your prospects using a large number of data and indicators. This will allow you to know the opening rate of your emails and the click rate on your links. You can also create email templates there to reduce the time spent writing.

Furthermore and not surprisingly, Yesware integrates perfectly with a host of CRMs.

Manage your email and SMS campaigns better

SendinBlue is a platform that provides you with various solutions in terms of marketing automation and management of email and SMS campaigns. It’s a platform that is mainly designed to meet the needs of SMEs, with adapted prices.

With Sendinblue, you can very easily create templates to manage scenarios for sending emails or SMS, analyze the statistics of these campaigns and manage your contacts effectively.

This concludes our list of SaaS tools that will deliver what’s needed to get your sales team to the next level. All of the tools mentioned in this article are solutions used by a large number of companies across industries and are available in several languages, an important feature to optimize the collaboration of international sales teams.