Most businesses do not need a tool to manage their customers,
they need a tool to turn their prospects INTO customers!

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You Don't Need a CRM! is an incredibly simple and efficient web based software built for your sales teams.

It helps them track and close their deals without spending hours filling out forms.

You Don’t Need a CRM will help your salespeople get super organized and never miss a next step. By requiring less data entry our solution frees time for salespeople so they can close more deals.

It grants sales people super powers:

  • Precisely manage leads and never miss a next step: Set a reminder for your next action that synchs with your calendar, change status, log activity and stay on top of your to-do’s every morning.

  • Be great at cold calling: import a contact list, work on it online just like a spreadsheet and turn interested suspects into Leads with just one click.

  • X-ray vision for business card: Scan a business card with our mobile app automatically create a lead.

  • Have a global view on your sales pipeline at a glance: You will have all your important relevant information about your Leads saved in one place and will be able to display the information on a visual pipeline view.

  • Remember exactly where you are with each prospect: with personalized sales steps and a complete history of each lead, you know exactly with each lead where the discussion stopped the last time.

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And it's also great for sales managers:

  • Manage your teams: create teams, managers, decide who has access to what, assign leads to sales…

  • Get a clear overview of what is happening and help your sales: Thanks to an activity feed a great email summary and statistics reports you can follow your whole teams activity and help your team in real times with advices.

  • Structure the information in a simple and effective way: define your pipelines and sales steps, choose which field you need for your leads, create categories and tags.

  • Connect with the tools you already use: benefit from connection to third party apps like G Suite (formerly Google apps), FreshBooks, Mailchimp, Quickbooks, Slack, Wufoo through direct integrations, our API or Zapier.

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Our customers' reviews

  • Inside Sales, this is the perfect lead tracker

    All I've ever wanted was a program to track leads without all the over-complication of a full CRM. YDNACRM was the perfect solution. I finally found what I was looking for.

    Quentin McNabb — Sales, Motion View Software

  • Simple, powerful and effective!!!

    Helps you to manage your sales team without the endless fields to be fulfilled like in the others tools available in the market. Gives your team more free time to do what really matters: find new sales opportunities.

    Eduardo Biasi — Sales Manager, Fly Link Telecom

  • You Don't Need a CRM is a very simple yet effective tool. I was really impressed how the claim was taken into action. I can totally recommend it to all SMBs.

    Roman Walther — Digital Marketing Advisor

  • Great and affordable app

    I have a small retail business so I needed a system to manage my leads without running out on budget. Now I have more than 1 year using YDNCRM and I find it very helpful, plus the team provides ongoing support and training. I highly recommend this system if you have small to medium sales teams and don't want to spend weeks on the set up.

    Uzziel Sanchez — Director, CWCuitlahuac

  • We switched from a CRM/Project Management app to You Don't Need a CRM and we love it. The sales guy says almost everyday: 'I love YDNCRM'. The interface is simple and sensible, so we were able to use it immediately with very little training.

    Lura Frazey — Manager, Steve Locke Construction

  • Great tool, simple and powerful

    It's so easy to use: no need to fill in any database... Just add your own email address in bcc so that you create a lead when you mail a contact, or even scan a card with the mobile app... Tasks reminders are fully integrated in Google Calendar so you can drive your prospection with the tool and track any contact. That's a tool I use and enjoy every day!

    Frédéric Le Compagnon — Head of Agency, Opus MI

Adaptive pricing

Starter Edition

$10 per user per month

Ideal for very small companies

  • Fast Lead generation
  • Calendar Synchronisation
  • Business Card recognition
  • Automatic Lead Alerts
  • Sales Process customisation
  • Google App Integration
  • Prospecting List
  • Follow-up
  • Mobile App

Expert Edition

$17 per user per month

For demanding sales people
or bigger sales teams

  • All features from the Starter Edition
  • +
  • Team management
  • Advanced Follow-up
  • Multiple Follow-up Templates
  • Lead´s closing date
  • Multiple Pipelines
  • Future pipeline view
  • Sales Forecasting

15-day free trial - No contract - No credit card required

It's that affordable and that simple.

The application and support are available in 5 languages: English, French, German, Portuguese (BR), Spanish.
An additional Russian version is maintained by our community of users.