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In short videos of less than four minutes each, Mariana teaches all you need to know to properly manage a sales team using noCRM.

Episode 4 Summary

Staying on top of your business day in and day out is great and all, but as a business owner or a sales manager, you are always looking ahead. It might be good to have some idea of what's to come. Enter the sales forecast: based on the data filled in by the sales team, the probability of closing a deal is calculated as well as the date of when the deal is expected to close. Mariana shows you how you can do it easily in noCRM in the fourth episode of the series.


  • sales forecast: your expected revenue based on the lead in the sales funnel and their probability of converting to a customer
  • estimated closing date: the date you expect to close the deal


Guiding you to make an accurate forecast of your upcoming sales