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There are a lot of ways you can build connections and automations between cloud apps. With respect to, there are three main tools we use:

  • Trigger and actions through Zapier and Integromat
  • Simplified API
  • noCRM built-in tools

Triggers and actions

Every web application supported by no-code apps has two main concepts: trigger and action.

Triggers replace the need to manually poll an app to check for new data in order to launch your preset actions. Both represent a hard limit to the logic offered in a no-code platform's workflow configurations.

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Simplified API

If you can't find a noCRM action in Zapier or Integromat, that's when you can opt for using our simplified API that can be used on Integromat.

Simplified API is a prepared list of commands that can easily be called through Zapier and Integromat to perform actions in noCRM. You may also use it to build more complex and advanced workflows. Each command has its own specific URL address.

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noCRM built-in tools

Lastly, noCRM offers built-in tools for customizing your interface. You may create a lead widget, customize your lead's Action menu and fire off manual triggers to execute workflows.

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No-code is what we want to achieve, but sometimes you still need a little bit of code to implement a more advanced logic; this is where low-code comes in.

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