+ Zapier

noCRM + Zapier

Build and enhance workflows to manage your entire sales cycle in

  • Eliminate manual data entry and share data between noCRM and other apps
  • Manually launch actions in other apps from noCRM
  • Automatically trigger actions and workflows from other web services in noCRM and vice versa
  • Do more across apps without having to leave noCRM's platform

Demo Zapier

About Zapier

Zapier is a web-based platform that allows users to connect the apps they use without writing any code or have programming knowledge.

  • Easily integrate the apps in your tech stack seamlessly in a few clicks
  • Start and automate workflows from any of the 1000+ app
  • Complete repetitive tasks automatically and focus on your important activities
  • Build enriched processes and accomplish more

illustrazione pipeline noCRM

A proposito di è un software di gestione commerciale che replica il tuo processo di vendita dalla creazione dell'opportunità commerciale fino alla conversione.

  • Crea opportunità commerciali facilmente da vari canali: biglietti da visita, mail, moduli, ecc.
  • Gestisci in modo distintivo i prospect e le opportunità commerciali
  • Gestione commerciale efficace
  • Basta perdere opportunità commerciali importanti, concludi più affari!

noCRM + workflow Zapier

How to connect & Zapier

Sign into your Zapier account. To connect Zapier to your account, you must:

1. Enter your slug/account name (

2. Enter your API Key. Go to your account's Admin Panel, select Webhooks and API > API Keys > click on the Create an API Key button and name it.

For more information on how to set up your Zapier integration, visit our dedicated guida qui.