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Connect with your Favorite Apps

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Zapier is a web-based tool that allows you connect to hundreds of other apps. You can build and automate tasks (also known as Zaps) and workflows between the apps you use without any programming skills!!

With over 1000 business apps available on Zapier, you can manage your entire sales process with Whether you want to automate sending emails from Gmail or adding leads to your subscribers list on MailChimp, our step-by-step tutorials are here to guide you!

List of Supported Triggers

List of Supported Actions

  • New Lead Created
  • Create Lead
  • New Unassigned Lead
  • Create Prospect Row
  • Deleted Lead
  • Log an Activity
  • New Lead Assigned
  • Add Tags
  • New Prospect Created
  • Add Comment
  • Lead's Step Changed to...
  • Change Status to...
  • Lead Status Changed to...
  • Change Step to...
  • Lead Content Changed
  • Set Amount and Probability
  • Task Status Changed to...
  • Add Attachment
  • New Manual Trigger
  • Set Estimated Closing Date
  • ------
  • Change Lead's Title
  • Popular Tasks to Automate with Zapier

    Jump right in with some popular pre-made Zaps. If you need more inspiration, see what else is possible with and Zapier.

    Step-by-Step Tutorials

    Click on any of the tiles below and follow our detailed walkthroughs. You can also check out our Youtube channel for video tutorials here.