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How Add and Use Custom Fields to Enrich your Zaps

Want to integrate custom fields created in no CRM in your zaps? In this guide, we illustrate how you can add and use your custom fields to announce a won lead in Slack.

All you need to set it up are Slack, no, and Zapier accounts.

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Get Started

⚠️ Only Expert Edition users have up to 5 custom fields to add.

Before setting up your zaps, create your custom fields in no Go into your Admin Panel > Default fields. Add in your desired Field Name and select the Field Type as Custom 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. In the example shown below, we've added "Case Number" as a new field.

  • Set up your TRIGGER
  • Set up your ACTION
  • Connect your TRIGGER App Account and Set Up the Trigger

    Sign into your Zapier account and click on the MAKE A ZAP! button at the very top where you will be directed to a new page:

    1. Choose the Trigger App: no
    2. Choose the Trigger: New Lead Status Changed to...
    3. Connect Zapier to your no account if you haven’t already by

  • Entering your slug/account name (
  • Entering your API Key (Go to your no account Admin Panel, select Webhooks and API, API Keys then click on the Create an API Key button and name it.)
  • 4. Choose the Status Event Name as WON
    5. Test the step by creating a new lead and changing the status to WON in your no account and you’re done setting up your trigger!

    Connect your ACTION App Account and Set Up the Action

    1. Choose an Action App: Slack
    2. Choose an Action: Send Channel Message
    3. Connect Zapier to your Slack account
    4. Edit Template to set up your message and add the Custom Field in it.

    5. Test the step and the Action set up is finished.

    Watch How you Can Create and Use Custom Fields to Further Enrich your Zaps