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Setting reminders & changing statuses

Statuses are probably the most important attribute of no

You have two alive statuses: 'To do' and 'Standby', and three closed statuses: 'Won', 'Cancelled', 'Lost'.

Until a lead is closed, either you have something to do right now ('To do') or you will have something to do at some point ('Standby').

This means that a lead on 'Standby' always has a reminder for a next action. When the time of the reminder comes, the status of the lead changes to 'Todo' and you can find it at the top of your To Do section on the left sidebar.

To change a lead's status, click on the colored status button of the lead or use the Actions menu.

If you set the status to 'Standby' you will have to choose a date for the reminder.
If you specify a time for the reminder, it will synchronize with your calendar (check the section: Tools > Calendars to set it up).
If you specify a duration for the reminder it will show the exact duration of your reminder so that you don't schedule another call at that exact same time (check the section: Tools > Calendar to configure it).

Editing dates of Lead Creation and WON

When you start off with, you will probably need to import existing data to the system. In order for your statistics to be correct, make sure to edit the Lead Creation date of your leads (if we're in 2019 and you've been working on a lead since 2018, it's important to have that info).

How? Easy. Open a lead you've created and click on the "edit" button next to the creation date.

edit creation date image

It's possible to edit the date of WON of your leads, as long as the lead was created in the system before the date you have WON it. To edit the date, open the lead in a new window and on the right sidebar, in the 'lead's life', go next to the WON date with you mouse and you'll see a crayon icon to edit the info.

edit WON date image

Here a quick video to illustrate how it's done