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September 2017


All our customers are now using the new version of the application


  • Update the mobile application. Please download the new update

Improvements in existing features

  • Add a 'Only active' switch on All leads, All my leads, pipeline and starred pages
  • Add a filter on lead's creators
  • Fire webhooks and notifications instantly instead of every 3 minutes
  • Add more information (description, users, last used date) on Webhooks and API keys pages
  • Add ability to edit and delete a task from the post sales page

Bug fixes

  • Fix counting number of days between two dates
  • Fix inconsistency on some accounts when using many tabs with application
  • Fix character display issue on comments
  • Fix welcome message on the account displayed many times on some account
  • Fix to attach estimate/invoice for QuickBooks
  • Performance optimization in the lead's description editor
  • Fix back button
  • Remove Todo and Standby pages from the default bookmarks
  • Fix mark Step done in the iCal access when the user is deleted
  • Fix webinar widget when users' language is not included in the webinar list
  • Add validation on widget to avoid adding not valid URLs
  • Fix lead Show Actions menu when a lead action is not valid
  • Fix export leads for a client folder
  • Fix check duplicate when creating a new lead
  • Fix unassigned leads page when a lead was assigned to a deleted team
  • Fix order by estimated closing date
  • Fix display of dropbox attachments on comments
  • Fix missing translation in pipeline period drop-down menu
  • Fix Russian locale in pipeline mode for estimated closing date
  • Fix won statistics link in total row group by user
  • Fix export of leads to include comments
  • Fix to add user in license mode with no more license from Team tab
  • Fix action histories created with the wrong user
  • Fix stats dates range filter
  • Fix batch update
  • Limit the number of pending export to 3
  • Fix closing date pipelines when closing date is on the last day of the period
  • Fix required categories on lead tags form
  • Fix spreadsheet edit header/row when using ctrl+click instead of real right click
  • Fix click-to-call when numbers have spaces
  • Fix edit spreadsheet column header when the table is scrolled
  • Fix edit unassigned lead
  • Fix drag&drop leads on pipeline with tablets
  • Fix business card details
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