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September 2016

New features

  • Auto-completion in search bar
  • Estimated closing date pipeline

Improvements in existing features

  • Disable when the new lead popup is displayed to click outside of the popup to close it
  • Improving the list of Client folders with filtering and sorting options
  • Administrator can re-assign client folders depending on the privacy set
  • Compatibility with the new Freshbooks accounts (
  • Add mass update on amount and probability
  • In pending bcc emails list, if the user is admin, add a drop down menu to filter by user
  • Lead Clipper: be able to create a new lead from a QuickBooks customer's page or a Freshbooks client's page
  • API: be able to filter leads by tags

Bug fixes

  • Fix in the browse the Don't forget block that was not displayed anymore
  • Fix typo in editions' descriptions
  • Fix dates in estimated closing date pipeline
  • Fix pagination in estimated closing date pipeline
  • Fix issues on auto-completion
  • Fix filter client folders with and without tags
  • Fix search in Prospecting list
  • Fix delete pipelines with no leads but with steps
  • Fix filter on client folders when filtering on active clients and by number of leads
  • Fix display of client folder when the user is a team manager
  • Fix list of clients with inactive leads when the user doesn't have leads
  • Fix mass update to not change the status of a lead that has already the specified status
  • Fix error when cannot access to Google and notify the user of the error
  • Fix follow up task content display
  • Fix field type with leading and ending white spaces
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