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Categorize your leads

Defining categories (groups of tags) and tags is very useful. Not only does it enable you to structure your leads and filter them by product, city, origin, etc..., but also to get insightful statistics on your sales.

To create categories and tags, go to Admin > Categorize leads.

When you create a predefined tag, you must create it in a category. Typical categories/tags could be:

  • Origin (Website, Google, E-mail, Phone, Event, LinkedIn)
  • Product (my super product n°1, product n°2)
  • Company size (0-10,11-30,31-100)

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⚠️ It's not possible to import a list of categories and tags, you have to create them manually.

Edit existing tags

If you wish to edit a tag that you have predefined or manually created, the only way of doing it is the following:

  • Filter by the tag you wish to change
  • Choose the compact mode
  • Select all leads
  • Massively add the new tag
  • Massively remove the old tag
  • Go to your Admin > Categorize leads, remove the old tag and add the new one

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