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Analyze your pipeline's performance

This report displays the conversion of leads per sales funnel step in a specific time period. Know exactly which step in your sales process you're losing leads in and how your leads are progressing through your pipeline.

In order to use this report successfully, please note the following points:

  • 1) The time period selected represents lead creation dates. Leads that have been created before or after the period selected will not be displayed in the report. See the current status of your leads that were created in the selected time period.

  • 2) Won leads are considered to have gone through all the steps in your sales pipeline even if they were closed before going through the entire sales process. For example, if a lead has been won in step two, it won't be shown there. You will instead find it in the last step.

  • 3) Lost/cancelled leads will be shown in the step which you've lost/cancelled them in.

  • 4) All leads are considered to be created in the first step.

The chart provided is a visual representation of the progress of your created leads through your sales funnel. You can view the percentage of the leads that:

  • 1) moved to the next step
  • 2) are still alive, stalling per step
  • 3) are lost per step
  • 4) are won in the last step

For example, in the image shown above, 116 leads out of 149 have moved from the Contacted step to the Meeting step. 75 leads out of the 116 entered the following step, while 26 are still alive but haven't moved, and 15 have been lost.