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October 2017


  • Be able to choose your homepage
  • Synchronization of data with our partner PieSync
  • Add new webhooks/notifications for Expert edition
  • Release a new Zapier application with new triggers and actions
  • New Lead Clipper to work back with all websites
  • Customize the columns of the Compact view on leads: hide/add columns and it is saved in user preferences

Improvements in existing features

  • Attachments preview on a lead
  • Allow a user to remove a reminder's time without having to switch it to todo and back to standby
  • Be able to add an attachment without extension
  • Be able to create webhooks through the API
  • Add creating estimate when connecting with the new Freshbooks version (
  • Optimization of the application to have a faster display
  • Export comments when exporting a prospecting list
  • Improve the tasks status display
  • Prevent multi-click on submitting buttons
  • Be able to star leads from the pipeline view
  • Be able to select many files at once when adding attachments to a lead
  • Add help popup window when pasting data on prospecting list
  • Improve post-sales tasks filtering

Bug fixes

  • Fix search box on prospecting list not working on Safari
  • Fix Arabic characters not displayed properly
  • Fix typo on Admin dashboard
  • Fix bookmarks followups
  • Fix Dropbox attachments
  • Fix sort data by estimated closing date
  • Fix to click on lead button next to a spreadsheet row
  • Fix spinner issue
  • Add an error message when submitting an empty comment
  • Fix pipeline estimated closing date: leads disappear sometimes when using drag and drop
  • Fix lead's editor when editing a lead
  • Fix lead created by email with un-authorized HTML
  • Fix to assign unassigned leads when the account has only one user
  • Fix calendar issue when a reminder has a time and no duration
  • Add default user duration when adding a reminder from the mobile application
  • Fix profile/setup after activation
  • Fix new lead button on prospecting list for IE11
  • Add button for hiding unassigned leads content
  • Limit unassigned leads content to 20 lines
  • Fix email address links not adding the BCC address
  • Fix leads disappear when status filter is equal to "all" and changing the status
  • Fix estimated closing date on pipeline
  • Fix export of phone numbers on leads when sometimes Excel removes the 0 at the beginning
  • Fix check duplicate account name on register
  • Fix minimum width of title column in the compact view
  • Fix lead's creation form on Chrome
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