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October 2016

New features

  • Mass assign or delete unassigned leads
  • Mass update client folders on leads
  • Filter by date range on Creation, Last update, Next action and Estimated closing dates. Works also for exporting leads.
  • Add a preference in Admin > Account setting to hide cents in the lead's amount
  • Add a preference to attach bcc emails to any leads if the preference 'All is shared' in the account is set
  • Add search bar to search elements in the Help Center and the Academy from the Help menu

Improvements in existing features

  • Display logo and package name in the invoices

Bug fixes

  • Fix mass assign leads to a team
  • Fix lead's history when lead's status was changed
  • Fix translation issue on emails when a bcc email is rejected
  • Fix bcc email's attachments when the names contain special characters
  • Fix statistics issue following the change of daylight time for Brazilian
  • Fix lead's amount when attaching estimate/invoice from french QuickBooks accounts
  • Fix Freshbooks issues when adding estimates/invoices
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