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November 2017


  • New version of the bookmarklet working on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • New extended view of leads
  • Choice of homepage when accessing the application
  • Add step filters on pipeline view
  • Add #user to assign unassigned leads when sending an email to
  • Be able to customize the navigation bar color on the very top

Improvements in existing features

  • Improve Dashboard display
  • Display who created the lead on the lead's page if the owner of the lead is not its creator
  • Allow any user to change their homepage without any condition
  • Administrators can now choose the homepage for the account, which overrides and locks the user's choice
  • Display won widget chart regarding lead count instead of amounts if all amounts equal to 0
  • Make periods clickable in won widget

Bug fixes

  • Fix error of assigning a task to someone when the user was a team manager
  • Fix drag and drop problem on pipeline view after clicking on see more button
  • Fix Lead Clipper on LinkedIn sales navigator
  • Fix auto click on more info buttons to get all contact info
  • Fix to open a tab when clicking on an email
  • Better error messages when subscribing/editing the account
  • Fix lead count in pipe submenu
  • Fix error messages translations on register page
  • Fix history title on a lead when creator of the lead is deleted
  • Fix Client folder: display of custom columns in compact view
  • Fix drag and drop on closing date pipeline
  • Fix action menu hidden by the next lead in client leads
  • Fix bookmarking tools pages
  • Fix leads submenu width
  • Fix display of unassigned leads list
  • Fix batch action menu in unassigned leads
  • Fix links for Freshbooks and QuickBooks in estimates creation
  • Fix a link to leads in stats
  • Fix batch edit tags
  • Fix drop-down menu over popover
  • Fix double click issue on explain project form during registration process
  • Fix a bug with the preselected date when setting a lead/task reminder
  • Fix standby display dates
  • Fix activity feed issue on dashboard when title is on two lines
  • Prevent commas in supertags
  • Fix prospecting list column sorting issue when autosaving
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