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November 2016

Mobile improvement

  • Add activity feed
  • Add unassigned leads list
  • Add estimated closing date

New features

  • Add missing default fields button when creating / editing a lead
  • Add a preference to add missing default fields when a lead is created from an email (with @add or @bcc email addresses) or from a business card
  • Add new default fields type: city, zipcode, country, state

Improvements in existing features

  • If the preference is set on opening link on new tab or window, open all links from lead's description, comments and emails according to the preference
  • In a prospecting list, directly see the status of the lead created with a prospecting list’s row
  • In a prospecting list, right click on a row allows you to directly call / send a email to a prospect (if there is a phone or an email column)
  • Improved speed in the prospecting list
  • In a prospecting list, cannot edit the prospect anymore when a lead is created
  • When a lead is created from a prospect, then the lead is deleted, the prospect comes back editable
  • Improve error message when trying to connect to the Ydncrm account coming from Intuit or Google
  • Duplicate tags when a lead is duplicated
  • Display results in English when doing a search in Help center or Academy
  • Add create a Freshbooks invoice from the Actions menu
  • When creating a Freshbooks client from a lead, if the fields with types city, zipcode, country or state are present, we add those fields into Freshbooks client definition.

Bug fixes

  • Fix prospecting list creation from API
  • Fix display issue on invoices
  • Add error message when trying to add Dropbox attachment with a file name too long
  • Fix lead creation from prospecting list when probability set with decimal.
  • Add error message when lead creation failed from a prospecting list
  • Fix mass update of Teams
  • Fix delete a team with the same name
  • Fix Creation date column in All leads page when the sort was not on a date property
  • Fix click on items listed by autocomplete
  • Fix adding the comment in google calendar when creating a reminder
  • Fix click on emails in lead's description that was not working sometimes
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