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May 2019


  • Be able to add tags in unassigned leads by batch.

Mobile application

  • Fix deactivation of full screen on Android phones without physical buttons

Improvements in existing features

  • In the Pipeline view menu, add sub-menu to select the pipeline to display
  • Add counters for Pipeline submenus
  • Improvements on Intuit authentication
  • Improvements on keyboard shortcuts
  • Add a preference to deactivate the keyboard shortcuts
  • API: be able to update the client folder on a lead

Bugs fixed

  • Fix prospect deletion from the right-click menu when a column is sorted out in the prospecting list
  • Fix the statistics view
  • Fix when setting a default probability on leads to not overwrite the probably already set
  • Fix working on Forgot password page
  • Fix display when deleting a prospecting list from the list
  • Fix error with client CSV export when the option "Client with active leads" is selected
  • Fix unassigned leads when a team is deleted
  • Fix date display according to the timezone when using date range picker
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