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May 2016

May has been a month of developments that will soon be released to you so, stay tuned!

Spoiler alert: the very much expected follow-up system inside You Don't Need a CRM! will be launched next month! Along with the follow-up system, 2 new packages will be launched in replacement of the current one, which will include many new long-awaited features.

Improvements in existing features

  • Add user's preference to avoid the question to create a follow-up or not after each win

Bug fixes

  • Fix API when changing status
  • Fix API on preferences
  • Fix Statistics on missings leads for western countries: USA, Brazil
  • Fix email's validation when account activation
  • Fix register, not possible to enter an empty time zone
  • Fix translation of smart drop list
  • Fix error when trying to upload a file before selecting it

Bug fixes mobile app

  • Fix change status to Lost/Cancelled in mobile app
  • Improve update system: notifying the user when the update is ready/downloaded/done/failed
  • Fix comment form
  • Fix synchronization of predefined tags
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