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May 2015

New features

This month we're happy to announce the launching of several great new features and integrations:

Integration with FreshBooks and QuickBooks

Partnering with both FreshBooks and QuickBooks was strategic. If fact, our service aims at making it as easy as possible to manage leads and sales so it's important to be able to connect your accounting program with your lead management software. For more information on these two integrations, please check this tutorial for FreshBooks and this one for QuickBooks

Possibility of creating teams

For those who set the privacy setting of their account as "Only admins can see everything", a new admin level is born: team managers. Team managers are able to manage their own team members, access team statistics and easily assign leads to the members of their team(s).

For accounts with many users, this new feature will enable to separate users by teams and have clearer statistics on their performance as a team!

For more information, read the full article and access our Help Section to know how to activate the feature and set it up.

German as a new language

Thanks to a fabulous customer who did all the translations, You Don't Need a CRM! is now also available in German. 6 languages already... call it international!

Invoice in PDF format

we now send it to you every month in PDF format to the Owner of the account, or to the person of your choice.

You can now choose another member of the account or a someone who doesn't have an account to receive the invoices. Go to Admin > Billing Information and add another recipient to receive the invoices.

Improvements in existing features

New preferences

  • be able to show/hide the "Win free months" menu item
  • show only alive leads in All leads and All my leads pages

Pending BCC mails

  • extend the number of leads displayed when attaching a bcc email

Search engine

  • escape some characters in search
  • better interpretation of emails

Categories & Tags

  • be able to force the selection of a tag in a category


  • improvement of exports when there is a lot of leads to export, the export is in background with email notification to the user
  • exports are now available for download from the application for 15 days.

Bug fixes

  • export csv, currency and probability columns were inverted
  • fix batch update when updating the status, the webhook events are created if necessary
  • fix consolidation of business cards after they are created for search purpose
  • fix error in prospecting files when a column was sorted out, unable to cancel or delete the proper line
  • fix some minor bugs in the Won statistics page
  • fix export when tags were selected and contained spaces or accents
  • fix some subscription error when users coming from google or intuit
  • fix amounts displayed in the step dashboard and the pipeline view according to the filter on status
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