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March 2019


  • Browser notifications enable with settings page to choose the notifications
  • New version of the mobile application (see mobile application section for the details)
  • Aircall phone integrated into the application. No need any more of the softphone application of browser extension
  • Added two options in the Actions menu of each lead to search the lead on Google or on LinkedIn. To have those actions you have to enable them from the Admin panel > Account settings
  • Add webhooks and notifications when a lead is commented. Event only available for Expert edition.

Mobile application

  • Application translated in Italian, German and Russian
  • Highlight of today's leads on the homepage
  • Morning notifications
  • Several bug fixes

Improvements in existing features

  • Add a switch to display the statistics on deleted activities
  • Add a custom pipeline column in the compact view
  • Display the prospecting list owner
  • When creating a lead from a spreadsheet, the application asks for the mandatory tags inside the categories
  • Prevent two columns of the same prospecting list to have the same name
  • Factomos: be able to create a client when creating an estimate if the client doesn't exist in Factomos. Select the client when it exists in the estimate
  • Add a filter in the prospecting lists to only display rows without color
  • Prospecting list, when going from one prospect to another, we automatically check for duplicates before you can create the lead

Bugs fixed

  • Fix email's digest avatar
  • Fix bug on tags when filtering the data
  • Fix email recognition when posting a comment with an activity
  • Fix search for comments with an activity
  • Fix lead clipper when copying text to add in the lead's description
  • Fix the probability set to 50% automatically when creating a lead with the Lead Clipper
  • Fix display of prospecting list title when the page is zoomed in in the browser
  • Fix link to leads page in the statistics table
  • Fix mass update when changing the Standby date, the date was off of one day because of the timezone difference
  • Fix default currency for Lithuania
  • Fix bookmark URL when adding a filter on created by option
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