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March 2018


  • New mobile version with redesign and new features
  • Plan and log sales activities with the Activities feature
  • Open and add attachments to leads and comments
  • Access and search for leads that belong to other users (strictly depends on your privacy settings)
  • View activity feed and filter user/team level
  • User-interface improvements: a) See the activities you have scheduled for the day at a glance. b) Swipe left to delete attachments and comments c) Better structured lead fields
  • Improved synchronization system
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Fix ordering leads

Improvements to existing features

  • Allow admin to edit the Meeting Activity
  • Retrieve phone numbers on LinkedIn with the Lead Clipper and better match email/phone
  • Replace the tag's cloud on the result page of the search by a drop-down menu
  • Better prospecting list display
  • Completion search and Search improvements with a faster version and optimization of requests

Bug fixed

  • Fix API when deleting an attachment
  • Add error message when the account name is not correct when trying to connect with Zapier
  • Fix timezone in the calendar for activities
  • Fix login error when coming from
  • Fix tags button on unassigned leads
  • Fix bug when editing a comment
  • Fix issues when sometimes the add and bcc emails were not processed
  • Fix edition the email links in the lead's description
  • Fix drag and drop in the Activities form in Admin panel
  • Fix follow-up form for Starter accounts
  • Fix double click on all forms
  • Fix bcc email processing when it was set to an action email
  • Fix next action date with summer time changes
  • Fix RingCentral call when there is no recording call attached
  • Fix Xero links on a lead page which slow down the page display
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