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March 2016

After the launching of the Mobile App in February, this month our team focused on improving existing features, such as the BCC e-mail or the Calendar.

New Releases

  • Official German version for the software and the Mobile App
  • Support in German
  • API: list leads containing a specific e-mail address
  • Avoid double click on submission buttons
  • Add an explicit button when deleting rows/columns in a Prospecting list.
  • New preference to open links in lead's description in a new tab/window

Improvements in existing features

Email BCC

Not only have we added a new preference to be able to attach bcc emails on closed leads (the default behaviour is to attach the bcc emails to alive leads only), we've also changed its' looks.

We’ve made some changes to the way you view blind carbon copy (BCC) emails in your task pipeline. The update means you can now view entire conversations just as they appear in your personal email inbox. This enables you to see exactly what was said during the whole discussion, including the date and time messages were sent, giving much more accuracy than before.

More info here.

Bug fixes

  • Spreadsheets: remove filter by user if the user is not admin
  • Fix selection on time/duration when locale is Russian
  • Fix display of days count on TODO button for some time zones
  • Fix display of "Create Factomos" in Actions menu when it should not be displayed
  • Fix abbreviations' issues in the pipeline display
  • Fix statistics errors
  • Fix assign leads
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