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June 2018


  • Statistics completely re-worked
  • Order leads on the Client Folder page
  • Add a preference to pre-fill tags when creating a follow-up from the lead's tags
  • Add a new column type in prospecting lists: Client folder with autocompletion with the clients already existing in the account (Expert edition only)
  • Add 5 custom fields type for Expert edition
  • New Zapier application with new actions: add an activity log on a lead, change the status on a lead, change the step on a lead, set the amount and probability on a lead, add an attachment on a lead

Improvements to existing features

  • Update columns in the dashboard page
  • Update the status popover window on leads: add the activities on the comment's box or on the note's box for reminders
  • Update error pages: translated and the same look as website
  • Remove the support chat button from the prospecting list, but still available from the right menu
  • Add note from Standby status in the lead's history
  • Add tags on the follow-up form
  • Better register page with a better view on the options on editions
  • Add the year information on comments when receiving a notification by email
  • Statistics on prospecting lists available for all users
  • Re-worked on the referral program
  • Move 'Activities' button in 4th position on admin panel

Bug fixed

  • Fix processing RingCentral webhooks when the account has many extensions
  • Display estimated closing date in the pipeline view if the sort is by estimated closing date
  • Fix display on the pending bcc email list page
  • When deleting a lead created from a prospect move back the comments to the prospect to not lose them
  • Fix lead clipper escaping issue
  • Fix display of empty side menu on the activity feed
  • Fix translation on filter
  • Add notification if an unassigned lead has already been assigned
  • Fix double click on the + button on the prospecting lists
  • Fix prospecting list header edition
  • Fix bug when trying to retrieve the phone number called with RingCentral
  • Fix banner color select
  • Fix text in the preference to scan the business cards
  • Fix specific words set in the emails
  • Fix RingCentral call recording not found in some cases. Wait for RingCentral to finish the record
  • Remove navigation button when displaying one client folder
  • Fix follow-up progress tooltip
  • Fix export of statistics
  • Fix activities detail page from the statistics page
  • Fix add outcome activity on a prospect when the prospecting list is sorted out
  • Fix estimated closing date timezone in pipeline
  • Fix activities select display when the screen is smaller than the name
  • Fix incoherence between numbers in activities table and number of activities in activities details modal
  • Fix dates in statistics
  • Fix tags with a comma
  • Add back the group by categories in statistics
  • Fix change status of a lead when adding a comment at the same time
  • Update statistics on pipeline
  • Fix add missing fields duplicated when a lead was created by email
  • Fix activity outcomes form when too many outcomes
  • Removed the managed column from activities statistics
  • Fix validation on Client folder name when it is too long
  • Show tooltip on the status button on the lead's page only if the lead is in standby with a reminder with time
  • Fix condition to display empty step in pipeline statistics

Bug fixed Mobile app

  • Fix display of disabled activities or outcomes when planning/logging activities
  • Deactivated the left menu items for clients and tags browsing when more 100 predefined tags or more than 100 clients
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