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June 2015

New features

New email digests

This month we launched new email digests for both users and admins. E-mail digests always existed and were sent on a daily basis to all the users but they needed a serious update in terms of content and design. Not only have we re-thought the entire user digest, we've created a brand new one for Admins.

For more information, please consult our blog article on this matter

New Recycle Bin

  • recycle bin for leads and spreadsheet deleted: items are automatically deleted after 30 days in the trash. Only admins can see the deleted items

Improvements in existing features

BCC Emails

  • send Business Cards to a new address
  • add preference to display or hide the tweet creation
  • add privacy on Client Folder
  • before creating a lead from the spreadsheet, check duplicate by user instead of the entire account

Bug fixes

  • fix cache problem when changing a preference
  • quickbooks: fix amount when attaching an estimate ; change status to won when attaching an invoice
  • fix external API when using an account name non authorized: return a better message
  • fix search when clicking on the more button
  • update the look of the help
  • fix iCal error when leads are in the trash
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