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June 2018


  • Added the ability to edit tasks in the post-sales process
  • Managers now have access to filters and can set permissions for the whole team
  • See which activities need performing when scrolling over the Status when you're in the To-Do section of the app
  • Automatically add tags to your prospecting list when creating new prospecting lists

Improvements to existing features

  • Display the activities in the lead's history list even if the activity has been deleted
  • Improve the Status popover to have a better understanding of the fields

Bug fixed

  • Fix links redirecting to the leads in the digest emails
  • Fix count of items when a tag or excluded tag filter is applied
  • Fix date label in the pipeline statistics page
  • Fix preference to remove the 'Get started' tutorial that was not displayed
  • Fix display of Win graph on the dashboard
  • Fix activity count in the statistics which was counting deleted activities
  • Fix error when displaying the lead's status popover when the lead had no reminders set
  • Fix display of the preference to allow other users to edit leads they can see but they are not the owner
  • Fix the edit tags option when the preference on editing leads that don't belong to the user is on
  • Fix the update of teams when displaying a lead
  • Fix validation when several tags are required in more than one categories
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