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July 2015

New features

This month we launched some nice new features, but more than features we focused on helping our customers become even more successful by implementing the You Don't Need a CRM! Academy and by integrating a new system to communicate with them, Intercom.

Improvements in existing features


  • add the remind_at date to the JSON export
  • export CSV, add the id of the lead
  • add client's description

All leads page:

  • add filter by user for the team's managers
  • sort by name

Improvements in the Directory page:

  • sort by name
  • add pagination and a compact view if there is a lot of users

Mobile version:

  • display number of leads
  • display link to leads according to the rights of the user


  • change rules to assign leads from a spreadsheet according to the account's preferences on privacy
  • be able to delete users before entering payment information when the account is suspended
  • improvements of some error messages
  • new preference for teams: managers can re-assign leads
  • be able to edit an unassigned lead

Bug fixes

  • fix status changes in webhooks
  • fix connection with trustelem
  • fix privacy of spreadsheets after editing the meta-data
  • fix export JSON, categories of leads where not exported properly, the lead's id where not correct
  • fix creation of leads from mobile app
  • fix spreadsheet tour when user has not the right to assign leads
  • fix edit unassigned leads when no tags mandatory
  • fix click on phone number in the lead's description in the mobile
  • fix mass assign leads
  • fix cache in mass assign leads
  • fix search consolidation for clients
  • fix step deletion for leads in the trash
  • fix consolidation of leads when creating them
  • fix lead's creation from spreadsheet when no-one was selected as assignment
  • fix count of managed leads in the digest mail
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