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January 2017

New features

  • Add new preference where only admin can delete leads (Expert edition only)
  • Add new preference where only admin can export leads (Expert edition only)
  • API: add, update or delete a prospect (a row) in a prospecting list
  • Prospecting list: after uploading a file, display a wizard to configure properly the columns
  • Prospecting list: new advanced features for Expert edition like comments, click to call,...

Improvements in existing features

  • Filter on status for Follow Ups
  • Add number of results when there is more than 3 results in a prospecting list
  • When a prospecting list is private to a team, user can only create lead assigned to users of this team
  • Improvement in the Referral program
  • When creating a new lead, the categories and the predefined tags inside each category are sorted alphabetically
  • Improve speed of upload excel files into a Prospecting list
  • Limit the number of lines to 5000 when importing a file into a prospecting list
  • Add the Closed_at date (date of WON, CANCELED or LOST) in the export
  • In the notification email, display the first 15 lines of the lead's description instead of only 5

Bug fixes

  • Fix date ranges filter on All leads or All my leads pages
  • Fix prospecting list tutorial
  • Fix display of digest email on old outlook versions
  • Fix empty the recycle bin when leads belonged to team which doesn't exist anymore
  • Fix task or follow up deletion
  • Fix new task form in Follow up templates
  • Fix import of google contacts in new prospecting list
  • Fix forecast statistics brackets
  • Fix response after creating a predefined tag
  • Fix translation on statistics page
  • Fix calendar issue in Outlook when no end of appointment
  • Fix display of # variables in an email, for example, #tags and #step
  • Fix display of prospecting lists when they belonged to a team not existing anymore
  • Fix invitation email sent twice to new users for US and Canadian customers
  • Fix reward email sent too many times
  • Fix bug when creating a lead from a prospecting list
  • Fix time zone issue when moving leads in the estimated closing date pipeline
  • Fix edit step form in Admin
  • Fix when editing a lead, the duplicate check exclude the current lead
  • Fix search issue for some users on some account
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