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January 2015

Improvements in existing features

Browsing your leads: We now remember the preferred view mode (compact/pipeline/extended) and the amount of leads you wish to display for each left menu (Todo, Standby, Important, Pipeline view...)

Prospecting files: Being able to edit the title, description, tags and privacy of a prospecting file. Add a lock icon to see if the prospecting file is private or not. When the account is set as "Only Admins can see everything", the default setting of a prospecting file is "Private".

Calendar: Add the last comment in the description of the event if the comment is related to the Standby status. If there are no comments, the lead's description is added.

Unassigned leads: Inform when there are duplicates.

CSV Export: If all the fields are properly set with predefined fields, the description column corresponds only to the lead's description without the predefined fields as predefined fields appear in columns.

Support / Onboarding: Our Youtube Channel has new helpful content about how to start efficiently with You Don't Need a CRM!. We've added a link to it on the right of the homepage of your account in the webinar section and in the Tips and tools menu. We also added new articles on the Lead Clipper and how to prospect on LinkedIn. Moreover, we added a page with the list of all the next free webinars available.

Performance: We switched the database instance to a bigger and more powerful machine

Beta test of Client Folders

Over 40 customers chose to participate in the Beta test of the Client Folders, a feature that will soon be launched in all the accounts. The feedbacks are very positive and we're very excited with the upcoming launching.

Integrations / Partnerships

We made a strategic Partnership with Factomos, a French leading invoicing solution for small businesses. This integration helps you to manage estimates and invoices directly from You Don't Need a CRM! and to attach Factomos estimates and invoices to your leads.

Technical details about the integration

To get more info on this topic you can check our help in french on the Factomos integration.

Bug fixes

  • Display the time remaining when a reminder is set without refreshing the page
  • Fix error when edit tags in batch mode
  • When reminders were set in the same hour, when the first woke up, the others disappeared. Fix this behavior
  • Fix position of the popover in the last column of the pipeline view
  • Add leads without amount in the pipeline view when a sort is already present in order to have the new ones
  • Be able to print in color
  • Improve results of search when there is a lot of tags
  • Fix empty lines when adding a lead by email
  • Improve lead clipper
  • Fix link 'Set a reminder' in the Actions menu
  • Fix error in the list of leads in the statistics
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