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February 2019


  • Add our Twitter feed in the maintenance page
  • Add created/dead leads count in the company/team performance page
  • Add the ability to filter the prospecting list rows by color
  • New way to browse the prospects in prospecting lists

Improvements in existing features

  • Added hours in leads' exports: creation date, last updated date and comments date
  • Create a comment with an activity_id through the API

Bugs fixed

  • Fix sort of predefined tags
  • Fix statistics date range with the last day of the month not counted properly
  • Fix parsing of specific attributes (#user) in an email when there are spaces at the end of the line, the user is not found
  • Fix several errors in mass update and in the statistics
  • Fix links in column created of the team performance statistics page
  • Fix click to call icon on lead's page
  • Fix commenters notifications when adding a comment or activity on a lead
  • Fix title not updated in Google event calendar when updating a reminder
  • Fix timezone issues for Brazilian customers
  • Fix comments' date in the user's timezone when exporting the leads
  • Fix rare error on mass update
  • Avoid showing option that is not available to starter editions on prospecting list column header
  • Fix urls when browsing leads and filtering by user
  • Fix total won statistics order
  • Fix pipeline statistics
  • Fix lead's display in prospecting list
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