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February 2017

New architecture

We upgrade our architecture to serve you better and faster.

New features on mobile

  • Notifications for reminders, comments
  • Login with Google and Intuit

New features

  • Export the follow ups
  • Export unassigned leads
  • API: managing client folders: create, delete, update, retrieve
  • API: add and delete attachments on leads
  • API: attach a lead to a client to folder, be able to change the creation date of a lead when creating or updating it

Improvements in existing features

  • Be able to mark a standby task to done directly
  • Depending on the privacy, add a warning message when assigning a lead to a user not being on the same team
  • Search in prospecting lists: simpler search counter, better scroll to search results
  • Improve performance for calendar links

Bug fixes

  • Fix lead clipper with the new LinkedIn pages
  • Fix bug when adding tags in categories
  • Fix cancel button when creating a lead from the Client folder
  • Fix backdrop of help tour on spreadsheets
  • Fix empty bcc emails in some cases
  • Fix message when connecting with Google and Intuit
  • Fix export of Prospecting lists (Adding the Color column)
  • Fix leads export
  • Fix issue when changing status when a notification was set and the lead description was too long
  • Fix statistics by team in admin email
  • Fix error when assigning a client folder
  • Fix buttons to upgrade edition
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