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February 2015

Improvements in existing features

Client folders

This month we launched the Client Folders feature (read complete section on this feature). These are some of the improvements made since the launching of the Beta version:

  • be able to remove a lead from client folder (Actions menu)
  • improve client page (history of leads, money statistics)
  • compact mode for leads in client page
  • Client Folder release

Admin section

  • Customization of the account: customers are now able to add a logo and change the color of the banner
  • Admins can now change their email address in their profiles
  • New preference that allows customers to choose which order of comments they prefer (newest at the top or at the bottom)

User Experience

  • Improvement in the pipeline view: optimization, pagination, display the total amount and the number of leads
  • Improvement in batch actions
  • It's now possible to attach a pending Bcc email to any lead (search by lead's title with autocomplete)
  • Focus on first field when a form appears in popup / popover


  • New Zapier page
  • You Don't Need a CRM! was officially launched on Zapier. Read more about this here

Bug fixes

  • Display proper date in the pipeline view
  • Fix when changing the amount in the leads
  • Fix reminders with timezone when setting a reminder
  • Fix widget Today's reminder
  • Fix pagination problem when changing number of items per page
  • Fix bug reminder when time zone has 1/2 hour difference with UTC
  • Fix mail parser when receiving an email from contact form
  • Fix bug when attaching bcc email from another user (what ?)
  • Fix assign lead button
  • Fix order tags (alphabetic order)
  • Fix unicity name of API key
  • Fix api to get the list of webhooks' events
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